BeiJing WuShen Century Network Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 as a dedicated to the high-end 3D MMORPG development and operation. We have BeiJing ShangHai XiaMen leading development team and operation team in China mainland. The Company focus on MMORPG games based on self-developed 3D game engines and already launched two 3D games.

The WuShen Century Network Technology self developed a game called (King Of Dynast) in November 2009. The King Of Dynast quickly become a one of best PVP ACT game in China after launch-day. The entire develop department continue publishing the new verison and expansion of (King of Dynast) since we have exceed expectations revenue after we start commercial operation.

The WuShen Technology next goal is cooperation with oversea companies and publishing games for local gamers as the (King Of Dynast) High-quality game play and succeed market strategy in China. Right now, WuShen Technology and "Lager Game" (TaiWan game company) just published (King Of Dynast) in TaiWan

August 2010, The WuShen Century Network published an brand new 3D MMORPG called <Ancient Legend> When we succeed operation The (King OF Dynast) in China one year later. The < Ancient Legend> drawing and making by the favor Chinese-Korean movie <<The Myth >. Also quickly become gamers best choice game in China Mainland.

(April 22, 2011 ) Today, The WuShen Century Network developing a new 2.5D MMORPG game with 3D engine named <Brothers >> almost complete the final test. The <<Brothers >> is a reorganizing line and background based on <<Outlaws in the Marshland>> of "Chinese Four Masterpiece" The newest In-Game system (War, PVE, PVP) will be shock gamer again.

(King Of Dynast)

BaiDu FengYu 2010 - Best new game of 10

Pubwin 2010 - Best new game

The year of China Game Event 2010 - The rising star company , The best Chinese culture game